Why The Digital Classroom?

With so many CE courses and providers competing for your attendance these days, it takes more to engage you, the dental professional to register for those continuing education courses. And when it comes to choosing which courses to take, discounts and benefits are increasingly what make the difference.

The Digital Classroom Podcast, hosted by John Stamper was created so you can develop a better understanding of the individuals and companies behind the CE courses that are being marketed to you every day. Each podcast is rich in content provided directly from the CE provider and new podcasts are added regularly.

We have gone a step further and paired many of the podcasts with discounts from CE providers. It’s important that the perks and discounts being offered are relevant and eye-catching value. They can’t simply be a discount or incentive that you can get just anywhere. Otherwise, they’re neither meaningful nor effective.

And that’s where the Digital Classroom comes in. We empower you to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on CE courses that will assist you in satisfying your state CE requirements as well as advancing your education; taking your practice to the next level. Our VIP members will instantly find themselves saving enough to offset the costs of membership, making the membership fee a non-issue and retention a virtual certainty.

Welcome to The Digital Classroom!

Digital Classroom Featured Partners

VIP Members get a $1000 Discount off a Smiles at Sea “You Pick it” Custom CE Cruise!

VIP Members get 20% off Dr Tripke’s Complete Periodontal CE Office Package, a $55 value! CE for the entire practice!

VIP Members receive $50 off any Live CE event!

VIP Members receive $500 off The Pankey Institute “Essentials One” Course!

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