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I had the opportunity to sit down LIVE with Dr Jonathan Bregman at the Smiles at Sea, Dentistry’s Got Talent Event. Dr Bregman shared not only his passion for his work with Oral Cancer but what he is doing to educate the industry. He talked about many of the things he had learned over the course in his very l career and how important it is they we all pay attention to the causes of Oral Cancer.. He shared his love for giving back to the industry as well some fun things about himself! Thanks for sharing Jonathan!

More About Dr Jonathan:

While dedicated to improving the dentist, team, and patient experience, Jonathan A. Bregman, DDS, FAGD has a strong passion for educating dental professionals about early oral cancer detection, the oral systemic connection and growing a practice “from the inside”. He utilizes facilitated learning concepts and audience interaction to help attendees retain key concepts. Attendees leave refocused, energized and with their own action list to implement these principles back in the office.

With over 30 years in dentistry, Dr. Bregman remains committed to learning – as evidenced by his Fellowship in the AGD. As a continual student, he easily relates to his audiences. He has walked in their shoes, sat in their chairs and understands their challenges. He has had conversations with thousands of audience members and has a finger on the pulse of the industry in regard to these topics.

In addition to speaking, writing, and training, Dr. Bregman has had great success with his dentist-to-dentist clinical success coaching and onsite clinical consulting. By using the specially developed “Clinical Treatment Analysis” software, he can accurately and effectively understand any dental practice and thus effectively guide the dentist/entire team.

Dr. Bregman has personally led successful dental practices for more than 30 years, worked as a part time Adjunct Faculty member at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry as well as faculty at the University of North Carolina Hospital Dental Clinic. He has presented over 150 programs on early oral cancer detection in over 45 states and abroad in the past three years. Dr. Bregman launched the website as a way to improve awareness and enhance prevention of oral cancer.

Clinician, speaker, consultant, and author Dr. Bregman’s energized, thought-provoking style inspires audiences and readers nationally and internationally. Dentists, dental team members, and the general public alike will benefit from Dr. Bregman’s more than thirty years of experience leading a highly successful dental practice, and his years of experience as an effective speaker, author, teacher, and trainer.

His greatest passion surrounds improving patient care by educating dental professionals. Among the topics he effectively addresses are:

Early oral cancer detection: Risks, rewards, technologies Early oral cancer detection for the non-clinically trained business office team Boost your practice by growing it ‘from the inside’ Laser-assisted dentistry Team development and enhanced communication skills: It’s a team, not a staff. Practice Transitions: personal and professional planning to maximize success The Empowered Patient: the life you save may be your own Dr. Bregman will add his knowledge and style to your conference faculty, office meeting (either on location or as a convenient Webinar), or as an effective Keynote Speaker.


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