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I had the opportunity to spend time LIVE with Jamie Marboe at the Smiles at Sea, Dentistry’s Got Talent Event. Jamie has done a ton in Dentistry and she shared on the podcast her passion for helping patients get healthy. She shared her very inspirational story about out on her own to start her coaching business. She reflected on some of those early days and the persistence and grit it took to keep it going. We laughed about the “billboard” question and she nailed “If there was a song that best describes you, what would it be” question. Thanks Jamie for sharing your story!

More About Jamie:

Jamie Marboe thrives in helping her audiences and teams replace burnout with renewed PASSION to our often challenging profession. She couples her 34+ years of ‘in the trenches’ experience with her desire to ignite the ability to deliver top shelf care for the patient, the team and more importantly THEMSELVES. Jamie believes and knows that we are all healthcare providers “SAVING LIVES ONE MOUTH AT A TIME!

She has over 30 years’ experience in dentistry. During this time she has been a hygiene consultant, licensed hygienist, university clinical instructor, software trainer and dental assistant. After receiving her certificate of dental assisting, Jamie fulfilled her dream of becoming a dental hygienist when she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Idaho State University.

She then went on to be a clinical instructor at Idaho State allowing her to share in her passion for teaching. In 2010, Jamie became a certified Eaglesoft trainer. With such a comprehensive background, she enjoys going into private practices coaching the staff on how to become a complete, high performing team using hygiene as the practice backbone and their practice management system as THE tool to improve efficiency while decreasing headaches!

Jamie still enjoys working as a hygienist in private practice and loves attending continuing education courses. With such comprehensive experience, Jamie is of great value to any practice she is involved with. She is a native of California and lives in SE Idaho. To reach Jamie by email Click Here

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